Seditionist Senator Ted Cruz. It’s Simple. Resign Now!

Ted Cruz, the Grandpa Munster doppelganger, and one of the biggest Trump bootlickers in Congress, recently confirmed he will join Senator Josh Hawley (Repugnican, MO) in opposing certification of Biden’s electoral college victory.

This action is not a bit of a surprise to anyone and just another reason to despise Ted Cruz. Look what others have to say about him:

George W. Bush: “I just don’t like the guy.”

Lindsey Graham: “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.”

Rand Paul: “He is pretty much done for and stifled, and it’s really because of personal relationships, or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem.”

Chris Christie: “For him to somehow be implying that certain values are more appropriate, more American, depending upon what region of the country you’re from, is to me just asinine.”

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter: “Cruz is a sleazy, Rovian liar.”

Princeton roommate Craig Mazin: “Ted Cruz is a nightmare of a human being. I have plenty of problems with his politics, but truthfully his personality is so awful that 99 percent of why I hate him is just his personality. If he agreed with me on every issue, I would hate him only one percent less.”

Quotes Courtesy of Rolling Stone

As if there has not been enough shit from Ted Cruz, he shits on America again. He is incompatible with any form of leadership. Everyone should be appalled by this behavior.

Demand he resigns:

Phone Number: 202-224-5922

WOW! That is not a good look.

“For a long time, the left has had two caricatures of conservatives: that we are either stupid or evil. I take it as a backhanded compliment that they have, to some extent, invented a third category for me: ‘crazy.’”