Fox News: A Startling Sewer of Bizarre Opinions

Just in case you are not paying attention to Fox News and their cringeworthy lineup of shitheads, here is an example of their inability to grasp at any reality. On the same day:

Laura Ingraham: “Democrats are targeting Greene & others to crush GOP conservative ascendance

Sean Hannity: “Not a single conservative I know shares Rep. Greene’s beliefs

Here we have 2 of the most appalling Fox New celebrities contradicting each other. Ask yourself:

‘How is it possible that, according to Hannity, no conservatives support Marjorie Taylor Greene and her beliefs, but at the same time, Democrats (and Republicans alike) publicly denouncing Greene and her beliefs (meaning they do not support them) is oppressive and preventing conservative ascendance?’

And people watch this garbage? It really does not turn out well when these Fox News journalism dropouts spread this nonsense to the American people. Just ask Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro about the $2.7 billion libel lawsuit filed by Smartmatic against them and Fox News today.