Meet the New Faces of the Republican Party

The new faces of the Republican Party. Seditionists, traitors, fascists, insurrectionists, white supremacists, QAnon supporters, liars, hypocrites, obstructionists and other lowlifes have infiltrated our Federal, State and Local governments.

They are Repugnicans.

  • They are not Conservatives..
  • They are not Christians..
  • They will not Govern..
  • They do not care about You..

The Republican Party is the root of the problem in America today. They have become so radicalized with trying to maintain the status quo that the new Republicans elected to office have no knowledge of, or experience in leadership. They cannot govern and they cannot advance any legislation to improve the lives of Americans. They are there to advance an agenda based on conspiracy theories, wrapped in lies and doused with stupidity.

Worse yet, the Republicans that have been in power, some for decades, like Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham, have all cowered at the opportunity to stand up for America. Make no mistake, the Republican Party of old is dead.

There is no choice but to expel these people, not just from our Federal, State and Local governments, but also from contributing to and being part of the American society. Vote some out. Arrest, convict and jail others.